#13 – Neuropsychology with early career Psychologist Eddie Tsang

eddie tsang

Eddie Tsang is a Neuropsychology Registrar with 4 years experience in the field of public mental health.  He currently works at Dandenong Hospital Secure Extended Care Unit (SECU) and Dandenong Adult Mental Health Service, both part of Monash Health.   His clients typically are individuals with chronic and unremitting mental health problems.

Eddie completed his Bachelor of Behavioural Neuroscience and then his Postgraduate Diploma of Psychology at Monash University, in Melbourne Victoria.  He completed his Masters of Clinical Neuropsychology at Melbourne University in 2011.

Previous to his current roles at Monash Health Eddie worked in the following areas:

During his university training Eddie worked as a  Healthscope Community Programs Support Worker for people with acquired brain injury for 7 years, which he says is where he developed a passion for Neuro-psycologiy and in particular an interest in individuals with ABI.  He believes this early practical experience in the industry, although not directly related to psychology, helped him develop clinical skills that cannot be learnt in a text book and he says the strength of our life experience is critical to our development as effective practitioners.

Suggested Resources


Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway – by Susan Jeffer’s.

A note from Eddie “A client gave me this book while I was working as a MH clinician. She was in a very bad place to the point she attempted to take her life and required admission to hospital. Amongst her many stressors from her employment, family and finances we got talking about negative thoughts impacting on her ability to do things and how she felt scared of leaving her past dysfunctional coping strategies behind. This book got her out of dark times and she found the positive affirmations really helpful. I found this book helpful too specifically around sticking to a routine and ‘being comfortable with the uncomfortable’. Highly recommend this to anyone.”

Eddie's Self-care tip

  • Be confident to communicate to your workplace if you're not feeling right and need some help.  Trust in in your managers.
  • Stick to routine.  Take things one at a time, regular breaks, variety (work and play).  Hanging with friends, and chilling out.  Leave work at work! 🙂


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