# 64 – Chronic Pain with Sports and Exercise Psychologist Damien Stewart

Damien Stewart is a Sport and Exercise Psychologist based on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. Damien completed a Master of Philosophy (Psychology) and Master of Applied Psychology (Sport & Exercise) at the University of Queensland. Damien currently works in private practice servicing both sport, exercise and mental health clientele. Damien has a special interest in assisting Police Officers and athletes suffering from mental health issues as well as clients suffering from chronic pain and injury.

Damien Stewart came to psychology from a 19-year career in the emergency services sector at both the state and federal level. He has played and coached sport at an elite level. Having been a member of several elite junior cricket squads in Western Australia, Damien went on to play national level softball for Western Australia and New South Wales as well as enjoying a semi-professional softball career in the USA for over a decade.

Damien has experience providing psychological services to children and adults experiencing depression and anxiety, trauma, chronic pain and disease, grief and loss, life change, and issues of dependence. In the sports domain, Damien has experience working with elite and sub-elite level athletes, and military personnel, on issues such as performance anxiety, resilience and mental toughness, attentional focus, team culture, sleep and travel, goal setting and planning, injury management, career transition, performance routines, and issues of sport/ life balance.


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