amy-felmanWe All Wear It Differently is a podcast interview series that aims to entertain and inspire psychologists by illustrating the diverse world of psychology through conversations with colleagues, peers and mentors.

If you’re looking for inspiration and motivation in your psychology career, you’re in the right place. We speak to psychologists from diverse fields and with all levels of experience as they share their journeys, challenges and career breakthroughs that have led them to where they are today.

A new episode will be released once every two weeks so stay tuned.

I would like to thank all of my guests in advance who have so generously given their valuable time.

Why Did I Start a Podcast for Psychologists?

Training in psychology is dynamic, challenging, at times fun, and a lot of the time very hard work.  In my experience sometimes this hard work can leave you feeling overwhelmed. In addition, our perfectionist tendencies (a trait many psychologists know and love) can have a paradoxical effect and we sometimes lack confidence and question our skills. In addition, the breadth of possibilities for work is fabulously diverse yet many of us don’t know what’s out there and available to us.

Staying motivated, passionate and engaged is important for enjoyment as well as success in your career. I’ve found that speaking with, listening to and reading about other psychologists has really helped me to stay focussed and motivated to work towards developing a career in psychology I’m passionate about. It has also opened my eyes to the incredible diversity the psychology profession has to offer. Basically, this is the stuff that my colleagues and I wish we’d known earlier in our careers.

What You'll Get

Specifically, We All Wear It Differently aims to inspire psychologists to:

  • Discover lesser-known fields of psychology
  • Gain insight into specialty areas
  • Be motivated and inspired by hearing the stories of other psychologists – including their highs and lows
  • Learn about the specific challenges of different fields and how to overcome them
  • Learn about the rewards of working in particular fields
  • Discover how you can combine different streams of psychology in your career
  • Get advice about how to develop your confidence
  • Get ideas on books to read and other resources
  • Get self-care advice

I hope you enjoy the journey and learn how to Wear It Differently!