#24 – Executive Coach and Consulting Psychologist Naomi Harrison

Naomi Harrison is a Consulting Psychologist and Executive Coach with 20 years experience as an in house and consulting psychologist and HR professional.  She is currently based in Singapore where she runs her own consultancy ‘PsychInsight’.

As a teenage uni student Naomi knew she had to do something with people and in business.  She was passionately interested in how the world was operating, how companies were operating, and essentially how a person fits into the system.  Hence she ended up studying Psychology, and Business Psychology through her Master of Arts in Psychology at UNSW.

Whilst living in London 8 years later Naomi embarked on a Masters of International Business.   Naomi has also completed Graduate Diploma in Family Therapy to assist her with a deepened understanding of systemic theories.

During her career Naomi has consulted with a range of clients in different industries including banking, manufacturing, retail, oil and gas and pharmaceuticals.  Her roles have included such things as recruitment, enterprise bargaining, management development and transitioning, leadership development, talent management, and of course executive coaching.   Naomi's assignments have spanned over twenty countries from Nigeria to Brazil, and she loves the challenge of taking cultural implications into account when consulting.

Prior to starting PsychInsight Naomi worked as the Group Global Talent Development Manager for Cadbury Schweppes. Here she Co-created Cadbury’s Global Early Career Assessment Centre, and designed and delivered the Global Graduate programmes and the Global Early Careers Strategy.

Naomi was an Australian Psychological Society (APS) national committee member for the Coaching Psychology Interest Group for 5 years from 2010-2015.

Naomi says coaching as an industry is a changing landscape and believes the psychology profession has a lot to offer this field. and that there are many opportunities for psychologists aspiring to be executive coaches.

So lets see how we all wear it differently with Naomi Harrison!

Naomi's Best Self Care Tip

  • Know your limits.  Naomi does no more than three x 2 hour coaching sessions a day.  Occasionally she's squeezed in a fourth but has noticed she wasn't as engaged as usual, which of course is not good good for either party.
  • If you have an issue always seek support from peers or your supervisor – don't stew on it.
  • Coaching is mentally draining work so look after your body and your mind.  Naomi exercises daily and maintains a healthy diet.
  • Know your triggers and your limitations!


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Amy Felman

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