# 55 – Forensic Psychologist and Adult Parole Board Member Dr David Curnow

Dr David Curnow is a Forensic Psychologist, full time member of the Adult Parole Board of Victoria and expert on White Collar Crime.  He is the first Forensic Psychologist to sit on the Adult Parole Board, who's role is to make independent and appropriate decisions in relation to:

  • release of prisoners on supervised conditional release
  • cancellation of orders and return of offenders to prison custody
  • submission of reports to the Minister for Corrections as required by legislation

Dr Curnow also provides consultancy services and training to corporations on such topics as embezzlement and employee theft.  His PhD examined both personality and decision making of incarcerated embezzlers who took from 100k to 25 million dollars from their organisations.  Other specialist training programs he presents include Violence Treatment, Forensic Interviewing and Offence Mapping.

David has provided casual lecturing at a variety of universities.  He currently teachers at RMIT university in their Criminal Justice Degree on risk assessment and working with violent men. Dr Curnow also provides supervision for Executive level Psychologists.

Earlier in his career David worked at the Department of Justice as the Regional Manager of Offending Behaviour Programs.  Prior to this he was a senior clinician for Corrections Victoria.

David also has a strong interest in Chronic Pain.  His Master's thesis examined the assessment of malingering of chronic low back pain.  One of his great loves is group work and he strongly encourages psychologists to consider management roles, enabling them to effect change at a systematic level!


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Amy Felman

Amy Felman

Amy has a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Deakin University and is a working psychologist. She also has a Bachelor of Arts (Media Studies) where she majored in radio. Amy is the host of the "We All Wear It Differently" podcast, where she hopes to entertain and inspire her fellow psychologists.
Amy Felman

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