#51 – Early Career Psychologist Series, Chapter 4 – Rose Evans and Anastasia Hronis

This episode is the fourth of a series of five chapters with early career psychologists. They’re either completing their training, or are in their early years of working, and come from all different backgrounds with vastly different life experiences.

I love how in this small sample of seven people, you get a sense of the diversity of individuals that come to this profession. After publishing just 6 of these interviews you’ll see what I mean!  Each person reminds me of the sheer determination and hard work it takes to become a psychologist, something we should pat ourselves on the back for achieving, regularly!

In this episode I chatted to Rose Evans, 51 year old mum of 4 (her kids are aged between 23 and 10), owner of 3 chickens and 2 beagles. I also chat to Anastasia Hronis who is 25,  and as well as being a psychologist is a professional pianist!

Rose lives in Northwest Sydney and is in her first year of general registration.  She works in a variety of different roles including in private practice at PSYCHmatters in Concord and at a small clinic in West Pennant Hills; director at CAE Psychological Profiling; National Supervising Psychologist for Australian Mensa; and marking for Charles Sturt Uni.  Rose also mentors provisional psychologists, which is one of her areas of passion!

Her education includes a certificate of Chemistry from Sydney TAFE; Bachelor of Business in Marketing and Business Management by DE through CSU; DipEd (HSIE, Secondary) by DE through CSU; Bachelor of Psychology (Hons1) by DE through CSU; hopefully doing a 1 year bridging course when they come through in Clinical Psychology and she's thinking about doing a PhD (Shhhhh… don’t tell her husband).

Rose is very engaged in early career issues.  She is Early Career Representative for Sydney Branch Committee and Chair of the Student/Provisionals Subcommittee.  She is passionate about community psychology and is putting programs together for schools to try to create long term social change and  wanted to do this interview to be able to give something back to the profession.

Anastasia Hronis was raised and lives in Sydney. She has a Masters of clinical psychology and is in her first year of working as a fully registered psychologist and clinical psychology registrar.  Anastasia studied a Bachelor of Psychology and Honours at the University of Sydney and Master of Clinical Psychology at the University of Technology Sydney. She is currently doing her PhD in the area of adapted CBT mental health interventions for children and adolescents with intellectual disability.

Anastasia currently works in a private practice and at St John of God Hospital where she runs group day programs (anxiety groups, depression groups and DBT).  She also works as a musician, has two music performance degrees and has spent time teaching piano and also working as a concert pianist. This is essentially what got her interested in psychology, as she was very curious as to how the mind worked, and how people and children learnt.

Anastasia was keen to do this interview because she's a huge fan of the podcast and find it inspiring hearing what other people do.  She says “I'm constantly amazed by the diversity within the field of psychology.”

Amy Felman

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