# 43 – Creative Ways to Help Children Manage Big Feelings with Dr Suzanne Barret and Dr Fiona Zandt

Dr Suzanne Barrett and Dr Fiona Zandt are both clinical psychologists with over 30 years experience combined working with children, adolescents, parents and families. They have each worked in a range of settings with children, including the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) outpatient teams, and in private practice.

In addition to their clinical work, Suzanne and Fiona run popular Creative Child Therapy Workshops including:

1) Creative Ways to Help Children Manage Emotions & Playful;

2) Practical and Purposeful Approaches to Childhood Anxiety.

More recently they published their first book, Creative Ways to Help Children Manage Big Feelings: A Therapist's Guide to Working with Preschool and Primary Children.  The essence of the book is about using play to introduce therapeutic concepts to children and provide a space in which they can explore these ideas.

Fiona and Suzanne describe their style is eclectic, drawing on a number of theoretical approaches. A developmental perspective sits as their over-riding framework which guides them in modifying therapy for the children they work with. Their approach is strongly influenced by their training in, and many years of using, cognitive behavioural therapy with children. A systemic family focus also guides their understanding of children and families and permeates their therapy. In addition, they draw on concepts and interventions from acceptance and commitment therapy and narrative therapy. Their emphasis is on using play to engage children and to introduce therapeutic concepts and strategies.

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Self-Care Tips

  • For Suzanne, sleep is her number 1 tip to managing your self-care.  She says being disciplined to go to bed is the key!!
  • Fiona says managing boundaries is important.  Having dedicated time each day to respond to your emails or phone messages is one way you can do this and help ensure good self-care!


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