#21 – Older Adult Mental Health and So Much More with Clinical Psychologist Dr Lisa Richardson

Dr Lisa Richardson is a Clinical Psychologist who currently works as Acting Senior Clinical Psychologist for the North Metropolitan Older Adults Mental Health Service in Perth and is an Adjunct Lecturer at Murdoch University, Perth WA.   At Murdoch University Lisa lectures in psychotherapy in older adults mental health, general psychotherapy and cognitive assessment in the context of older adult mental health.

Lisa completed her PhD in 2012 which involved a long-term investigation into the use of videoconference telepsychology as a community based clinical psychology service. She was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship in 2007 to further investigate the use of telepsychology in the US and worked on several research projects and RCT’s over the 14 months she was hosted at the University of Hawaii in Hilo, and Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC. She has published in a range of clinical areas including telepsychology, and is an ad hoc reviewer for a number of international journals.

Lisa also has experience working in private practice and forensic settings, including at Statewide Community Forensic Mental Health Services and with the Forensic Case Management Team, Department of Justice at  Bandyup Women’s Prison, Canning, Vale (Hakea) Prison, C.W. Campbell Remand Centre & Wooroloo Prison Farm.

Lisa is currently completing a Post-graduate diploma in Clinical Neuropsychology at UWA which reflects her incredible drive for learning.

If you attend one of Lisa’s lectures you might find yourself wearing googly eye glasses or being asked to tie up your fingers with string to complete a task – you'll have to listen to the full interview to find out why!

Recommended Resources

“The people I referenced during our chat are below and these are their super helpful books.”

  • Knight, B & Pachana, N. (2015) Psychological Assessment and Therapy with Older Adults.
  • Cozolino, L (2010) The neuroscience of psychotherapy: healing the Social Brain ( 2nd Ed)
  • LeDoux, J (2015) Anxious: The modern mind in the age of anxiety.


Lisa's Best Self-Care Tip

“Remember what you're doing this for.  It's okay at the beginning, if your doing this for the prestige then go for it, don't do it half heartedly, throw your self into it.  If you want to travel with your work  then do it, don't let anything hold you back.  But at the same time try to remember what is important to you. If it's quality time with the people you love then make time for it.

You don't have to be everything to everyone. But I guarantee there's one person in your life that you probably have to be a big chunk to, so that should be your priority.  This is a job, perhaps an interest, for some people they might feel  it's a calling.   I'm not convinced that's the story for me. Its a job and an interest and I get excited about it but I would be devastated if I lost the people in my life I adore because this is what I was doing intsead.  So keeping time for that stuff is very important.

And don't worry if you got a distinction or a high distinction it's really not going to matter!”


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