#19 – Clinical Psychologist and Creator of Happi Habbits Dr Rebecca Ray

Dr Rebecca Ray is a  Clinical Psychologist and the creator of a 12 week e-book and online program on positive psychology techniques to help people boost their well-being and learn how to get their happy on!

Rebecca began working as a psychologist intern in 2003 at a private psychiatric hospital in the small NSW coastal town of Taree.  In her early career she was exposed to a variety of clients and clinical presentations and began treating trauma through running groups programs for veterans.

Rebecca completed her Doctor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Newcastle in 2006 and her thesis was on examining the effectiveness of a Group-Based Interpersonal Therapy (IPT) Program for combat veterans with PTSD.

On completion of her doctoral studies Rebecca returned home to the Gold coast where she worked for a year as a Clinical Psychologist for the Veterans’ & Veterans’ Families Counselling Service (VVCS) before starting her own private practice where she continued to specialise in trauma, particularly with military and police personnel.

At the beginning of 2015 Rebecca closed her private practice to have a break from clinical work. Not being able to sit still she wrote Happi Habits, a 12 week e-book and online program on positive psychology techniques to help people boost their well-being!

Rebecca plans to continue developing digital products and is currently working on a self-worth program.

Let's see how we all wear it differently with Dr Rebecca Ray!

Recommended Resources

“The books I consider essential reading these days, not necessarily for interns, but because they have shaped my thinking!”




Rebecca's Best Self-Care Tip

Space! Complete uninterrupted space.   Time where you can get away from your work and be completely separate from it. That means no phone, no text messages, no emails.  Have a break for at least a couple of weeks in a year, every year.  Space is very important!


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