#8 – Sports Psychologist and Consultancy Director Matti Clements

matti clements sports psychologist

Matti Clements is a sports psychologist with over 15 years experience in the field. She is currently the director and senior psychologist of Mental Edge Consulting, a consulting firm that aims to enhance performance, resilience, and wellbeing with professional athletes and coaches, corporate teams and management, or any person of any age wanting to reach their true performance potential.

Currently Matti is working with the St Kilda Football Club as the General Manager of People & Culture; developing and delivering culture and wellbeing strategies; she is also delivering a national emotional intelligence leadership program for high performance teams and selected leaders at Cricket Australia; and currently assisting the Australian Cricketers Association with their strategic planning for the national wellbeing and professional development programs and systems.

Recently Matti developed and rolled out the Netball Australia national wellbeing and professional development framework for players, coaches, management and staff and is working with Golf Australia to develop a national pathway of wellbeing service.

Previously, Matti was a Senior Performance Psychologist at the Australian Institute of Sport for 3 years before taking on the role of National Wellbeing Manager for the AFL Players Association.

Matti says one of the most important things for an early career psychologist is to not be constrained by what you think psychology is. She says psychology is many different things, can take you anywhere and that the psychologist’s skill set transgresses multiple industries where many creative jobs can blossom and bloom. Matti says we need to stay open minded and be creative. Matti’s career is a good example of this, so have a listen to see how we all wear it differently with Matti Clements.

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Matti's Best Self-Care Tip

Matti says she didn't do this very well at the start or her career so take note 🙂

Be mindful and present in your life.  When Matti is allocated a day to be at home with her kids then she's at home with her kids.  No checking emails or text messages, all of that stuff can wait.  It's mindfulness in all areas of your life.


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  1. Del Luxe on July 27, 2015 at 11:22 pm

    I was very interested in the Emotional Intelligence training you mentioned at about 24:00 – do you have any more information on this? I’d like to try it with adolescents in brief time-frame therapy.

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