#4 – Working with Older Adults with Clinical Psychologist Annabel Battersby

annabel battersby clinical psychologist

Ms Annabel Battersby is a clinical psychologist working in aged psychiatry with an interest in older adult well-being. In her research in this area she examined meaning in life, life satisfaction and emotions in adults aged between 65 and 95 years, presenting the findings at the Australian Association for Gerontology and Psychology and Ageing Interest Group conferences.

Annabel works in private practice in aged care facilities as well as in consulting rooms with clients of all ages. She also works for Melbourne Health as a clinical psychologist in the Aged Person’s Mental Health Program, working in both the in-patient unit and community treatment team, and presents to APS Study Groups on the topic of Working with Older Adults.

Annabel's Self Care Tip

Ever since Annabel started studying her Master's she gives herself 20-40 minutes every morning to drink a flat white and read the paper cover to cover.  She says she still does this every morning, it's her way of saying to herself “I have enough time to sit and read the paper, I'm not too busy or frantic.”  She says it helps her stay CALM!


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