#2 – Clinical Psychologist and Trauma Therapist – Sarah Joyce

sarah joyce clinical psychologist

Sarah Joyce is a clinical psychologist and trauma therapist with close to 20 years experience in the field. She currently works in her own private practice and as a consultant clinician for the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder program for war veterans at the Geelong Clinic.

Sarah completed her Bachelor of Arts Honours in Psychology and Criminology at Melbourne University, and her Master of Clinical Psychology at Latrobe University in Melbourne.

She began her career in psychology in trainee roles at Heidelberg Repatriation General Hospital, Forensic Psychiatry Services, Brunswick Road Clinic, and at the East Bentleigh Community Health Centre. It is here that she stayed for five years and developed a strong interest in working with victims of trauma. Sarah has continued to work in this area as a Sessional Consultant Psychologist and as a Senior Psychologist and clinician at the the well known Centre Against Sexual Assault (CASA).

Sarah has experience supervising post-graduate students, has been a member of the Human Ethics Committee at Latrobe University and is a member of the Australian Psychological Societies Working group on Ethical Guidelines for Recovered memories.

Sarah also happened to be my clinical supervisor whilst I was doing my masters at Deakin University, and it is an absolute gift to have her on the show.

Sarah's Self-Care Tip

Sarah says that at heart she's an introvert and needs quiet time to reenergise.   She has a daily ritual to clock off from her working day and clock on to the next job – family life.   This includes walking home from work, then sitting quietly and doing the daily crossword and sudoku from the newspaper before the kids get home.  Sarah says we all need to find a way to leave our days's work behind us so we can be present in the other parts of our lives.


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