#34 – Perinatal Mental Health with Dr Nicole Highet

Dr Nicole Highet is a clinical psychologist and the Founder & Executive Director at COPE: Centre of Perinatal Excellence.  Previously Nicole worked at Beyond Blue as the Deputy CEO and National Perinatal Advisor.

Nicole has a Doctorate in clinical psychology specialising in community approaches to treating postnatal depression.  After her training she moved from Perth to Melbourne, and detoured into the world of marketing and advertising.

The combination of her clinical and marketing skills ended up being the perfect stepping stone for her to join Beyond Blue in 2001, just after the Initiative began. Beyond Blue is an Australian, independent non-profit organisation working to address issues associated with depression, anxiety and related mental disorders.  Nicole worked with beyond Blue fore 12 years.

One of her most passionate endeavours at Beyond Blue was the success of the National Perinatal Depression Initiative.  In response to this issue and the need for a dedicated focus in perinatal mental health, Nicole established COPE, Centre of Perinatal Excellence.

The focus of COPE is to increase awareness, reduce stigma and support health professionals by equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to provide timely and effective care for women and their families. COPE is also working with others to deploy the latest digital technologies to improve screening efficiencies, research and outcomes to inform consumers, health professional and policy makers.  In this episode we discuss iCOPE – an interactive, digital screening platform that facilitates efficient and effective screening in the perinatal period (during pregnancy and year following birth).

Nicole's passion is contagious, and she encourages us to think big picture and follow our passions!

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Nicole's best self-care tip

  • Do what you love!!  This is the most important thing.  You spend more time working than you do doing anything else, other than sleeping, so your quality of life is determined by doing something that you care about or something you're interested in!


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Amy Felman

Amy Felman

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Amy Felman

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